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Five Ways To Get The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

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No matter what kind of crime someone has been charged with, he or she benefits from getting the best qualified legal counsel. Read on to figure out how smart defendants choose high-quality criminal defense lawyers to help them get their voices heard in court. Evaluating the Lawyer’s Bedside Manner Just like a doctor or other high-level professional who’s helping someone, a lawyer’s attitude toward clients is ultimately important. You may have heard this same rule for choosing a doctor or a real estate agent. The rule is...

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Why It’s Challenging To Litigate A Taxi Cab Collision Accident

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If you are injured in a car accident, then you deserve compensation from the responsible party or parties. Unfortunately, getting this compensation can be difficult if you were in a taxi that collided with another car. Complications arise because: Determining Liability is a Complex Process The first difficulty is to determine who is to blame for the accident so that you can go after him, her or it (if it is a company). The process is challenging because there are so many parties that may be responsible, and each of them will be seeking to...

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Understanding “Willful Misconduct” In Unemployment Claims

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All along, your employer has deducted a little bit of your paycheck every week to pay for unemployment benefits. You thought that you were covered, so when you were fired for a making a mistake you filed for your benefits, only to be told that you weren’t eligible due to “willful misconduct.” What exactly does that mean? Willful Misconduct Takes Effort Generally speaking, there are several types of behavior that gets tagged as “willful misconduct,” whether fairly or unfairly: Breaking a work rule, like the...

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Exploring The 3 Types Of Divorce Cases

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When filing for divorce, many people assume there is only one way to approach the situation. However, that isn’t always the case. There are a lot of different factors that come into play to determine what the best possible way is for you to approach your divorce case. From mediation to litigation and collaborative divorce, only you can determine which one is going to work in your best interest. To help you choose the right one for you, consider some of the information below. Mediation If you and your soon-to-be ex are able to work...

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Apart From The Contractor, Who Can You Sue For A Construction Site Injury?

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Knowing whom to sue after a construction site accident is important. If you sue the wrong person, or don’t sue every liable party, then you may not get the compensation you deserve. For example, suing the general contractor (which is what comes to mind first in these cases) may not be enough because his or her insurance may not cover all your damages adequately. There are many other parties you can go after such as the: Design Professionals Design professionals (such as architects and engineers) have a responsibility of designing safe...

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Getting Compensation For Your Stress Related Work Injury

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Work is often a major source of stress for many people. Whether it’s an aggravating department head or strict deadlines, there numerous situations that can cause you to become stressed at work. However, for some people, their work related stress becomes overwhelming. If you are suffering form an exorbitant amount of stress related to your job, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Mental and Emotional Stress Injuries that relate to mental and emotional stress are often some of the hardest injuries to prove. In some instances, the...

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Pros And Cons Of Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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If you are considering filing for bankruptcy because you’ve fallen into some difficult financial times, you may wonder which type of bankruptcy to file. There are a couple available to individuals, but certain qualifications must be met for each. Pros of Chapter 13 Filing for Chapter 13  allows you to keep your assets, but you must  have a consistent income in order to pay your debt off. Also with Chapter 13, it can take a few years to pay that debt off. Here are so more pros and cons of filing for Chapter 13...

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