What Is An Estate Planning Attorney?

An estate planning attorney is someone who works with those who need to plan what will happen to their estate once they pass or they are overcome with illness that does not allow them to keep and maintain their estate. This is important to plan for to ensure that your estate is going to the care of someone you know will be responsible with it.

Here are three major things you need to know about estate planning attorneys:

Estate Planning Attorneys Need Experience

When you decide that you want to work with an estate planning attorney, you need to be sure that you choose someone who has experience, which in turn provides them with extensive knowledge on how to work with families who have specific needs and offer unique situations.

For example, your attorney should know what legal scenarios are going to come into play when estate planning if you are divorced or if you have children who you are not the legal guardian of and more. 

Estate Planning Attorneys Should Make You Comfortable

Your expectations for your estate need to be made clear. This means that you are probably going to have to share intimate parts of your life with your attorney. For example, he or she will need to know about all people in your life that you are wanting to share your estate with.

You also need to let them know about potential family members, such as ex-wives or any children you haven't had communication with in years just in case your lawyer will have to deal with them in any legal regard. 

Estate Attorneys Will Charge a Premium

A good estate attorney is going to charge you a large premium for creating and maintaining your estate plan. You should be comfortable paying this price since it will guarantee that you have a professional working on the plan. If you hire someone who charges a really low premium, chances are they do not have the experience that you need them to have to meet all of your expectations.

You are also doing your family a favor by hiring someone who is well versed in the laws that surround estate planning since they will not have to deal with major legal issues most likely with your trusted attorney by their side. 

By knowing these three things about estate attorneys, you can be better prepared when it comes to hiring one for your own estate. To learn more, contact a company like Vandeventer Black LLP with any questions or concerns you have.