Fighting A DUI Charge

If you have been charged with driving under the influence, and you have reason to believe you did not fit the criteria that a DUI charge requires, you will want to obtain help from a DUI lawyer to help plead your case. Most judges are very strict when it comes to drinking and driving charges, so having facts is crucial in hoping to obtain a lesser punishment for the crime you are being accused of committing. Here are some points to consider when trying to fight a DUI charge.

Show Alcohol Consumption

Obtain receipts for the drinks you had ordered if you were out at a bar or restaurant. If you had eaten, this information should be shown, as well, as it will prove that the alcohol in your blood content may have been less than what the police officer claims you had shown via a breathalyzer, urine, or blood test. 

Make sure times are listed on the receipts showing what time you had ordered food or drinks so it can be matched up with the time you had been pulled over. If you were not in an establishment where you had paid for alcohol, have any witnesses to the amount you had consumed available to go to court on your behalf.

Question Equipment Used

If you fight a DUI charge, you may be able to have the exact pieces of equipment used at the time of the arrest tested. Let your lawyer know that you believe the equipment had given false results and you would like extensive evaluations done on them to determine if they were indeed faulty at the time they were used. 

Look Into The Arrest

If the officer who had arrested you for a DUI charge had not read you your rights, you may be able to fight the charges against you. If they did not give you an alcohol content test at all, you may also contest their claims. Let your lawyer know exactly what had happened from the time you were pulled over until you were taken into custody. If proper procedures were not followed, there is a chance you will be able have the charges against you dropped or decreased. 

Be A Model Citizen

From the time you are arrested until you go to court, do not go into any establishment serving alcohol. Stay away from undesirable people, and do your best to retain a good citizenship status within your community. The judge will take your behavior into consideration, and, if you have any negative points against you while waiting for trial, it could end up making an unfavorable impression against your character.

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