The Federal Employees' Compensation Program: Get The Facts

It's common knowledge that almost every state in the U.S has a workers compensation system to compensate private and state employees who are injured on the job. These programs, however, do not cover federal workers. Fortunately, many federal employees are covered by the government's Federal Employees' Compensation Program. Here is a closer look at this important program. 

What it is 

The Division of Federal Employees' Compensation administers the Federal Employees Compensation Program. The program covers millions of civilians who work for the federal government. This includes workers who are employed by the postal system, as well as volunteers in the Peace Corps, Job Corps and Civil Air Patrol. In addition to permanent employees, the program also covers temporary employees. Contract employees might or might not be eligible for coverage, depending on the circumstances of their employment. 

Types of Compensation 

Workers are eligible for various types of compensation under the program, which includes reimbursement of your health costs. They are allowed to pick your initial health care provider, but any changes must be approved by program officials. Disability compensation is offered for those who are temporarily or permanently impaired due to a job-related accident or illness. 

Death benefits are issued to the survivors of a federal employee who is covered by the program and dies due to an accident at work. The amount of compensation a survivor receives depends on the closeness of the relationship and whether children are involved. 

 Claims Procedure  

After a worker files a claim with the program, a decision is made to either accept or reject the claim. The workers might be able to undergo a medical exam administered by a physician working with the federal government. If a worker's claim is rejected, they have the right to appeal the decision. If the appeal is denied, a final appeal can be made to Employees' Compensation Appeals Board. The board's decision is final.  

Return to Work  

Under the program, a worker who is injured has the right to return to their previous position, if they are able to do so within one year. A nurse might be assigned to the worker to make certain they are getting proper medical treatment and to help them return to their former job.  

The Federal Employees' Compensation Program is a crucial government service that protects many federal workers from financial loss due to an injury or illness on the job. Workers who have difficulties navigating through the claim process should contact an experienced workers compensation attorney like one from Ball & Ferrari