Steps to Take After Experiencing a Fender Bender With Another Vehicle

If you just had an incident occur where your vehicle was struck by another, you will most likely want to start the process in exchanging insurance information in an attempt to receive compensation for any damage sustained. There are a few steps one should take immediately after a car accident to protect themselves in case the other motorist tries to place the blame on yourself for the impact. Here are some tips to use after a fender bender in case the other party involved attempts to falsify information about the accident.

Get Checked by a Medical Professional

It is important to have a doctor evaluate your physical condition after being involved in any type of automobile accident. You may be shaken up from the occurrence, making you unaware of injuries at the time. A mild state of shock could cause injuries to go unnoticed. If you fail to get medical assistance right away, it will be harder to prove they were sustained due to the impact.

Your physician will provide you with detailed information about your medical condition to use in a court of law if the other motorist tries to claim you were the one who had caused the incident to occur. There may be pertinent information present within documentation proving that your injuries could have only been sustained due to specific angles, helping to show the other motorist was to blame.

Call Authorities & Retain the Other Motorist

Alert the other motorist that you have called the police so they could give you both a report about their findings at the scene of the accident. This is usually enough to get the other involved party to stay at the location rather than taking off. If they refuse to stay, jot down any information about their vehicle so you can give it to the police upon their arrival. Take photographs of the person's license plate if possible.

Collect Information from Witnesses & Surveillance Sources

It is important to have evidence about what had led to the accident to use in a courtroom situation. If anyone stopped at the scene to offer their assistance, ask them for their name and phone number should you need to use them as a witness later on. Find out if any nearby business have surveillance cameras on their property which may have footage of the accident as it occurred. Traffic cameras in the area may also have picked up information to be analyzed in a courtroom if necessary.

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