Tips For Protecting Yourself In A Messy Divorce

If you have decided to get a divorce and you and your partner are not amicable, then you are probably in for a rough ride. Your partner might try to destroy your possessions or take advantage of you financially. Here are some steps that you need to take in order to make sure that you come out of the divorce relatively unscathed.

1. Run Your Credit and Immediately Close Any Unused Cards

Your first step is to run your credit. Your soon-to-be-ex might try to run up huge charges on your card that will be impossible to dispute and you need to make sure that you emerge from the divorce without any debt that isn't yours. This will make it much easier for you to stand on your feet financially when you get out of the relationship. Getting a credit report is an easy way to see that your credit is fine and identify all of your cards. Close any cards that you don't usually use in order to reduce the chances that your soon-to-be-ex will run up the charges in the future.

Consider cancelling any cards that you do use and requesting another card with a different number. This will help you further protect yourself financially.

2. Hide Anything Priceless You Wouldn't Want Damaged

Suppose that your soon-to-be-ex and you purchased a painting by your favorite artist. You both have rights to it in the divorce, but you care about the painting way more than your soon-to-be-ex does. Your soon-to-be-ex, out of spite, might damage the painting. If you are worried about this happening, hide the painting or any other priceless items that you don't want damaged. Make sure that you are upfront about their existence when you are your soon-to-be-ex are dividing up possessions so that you are being fair, but this will allow you to keep them from being senselessly destroyed.

3. Get a Lawyer

Finally, make sure that you get a lawyer that is on the same page as you with regards to what you want. You want your lawyer to fight to make sure that you get a fair settlement and not involve you in unnecessary drama or let anyone walk over you. Most cases settle out of court, so the lawyer that you hire is going to be one of the main people deciding your divorce.

For more information, talk to an attorney that specializes in divorce.