Five Common Mistakes People Make at the Accident Scene

The way you respond in the immediate aftermath of a vehicle accident can have a huge impact on any resulting lawsuit you file. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes right after their accidents that undermine a case that they should have easily won.

It's important for accident victims to avoid making the following five common mistakes at the accident scene so that they don't risk not getting compensation for accident damages:

Calling the insurance company when they're not thinking straight

Accidents happen quickly and leave those involved emotionally disturbed, stressed, and sometimes physically injured. In this condition, it's easy to make a mistake when discussing an accident with an insurance company representative.

While it's important to contact the insurance company after an accident, motorists should wait to call their insurance company until they're feeling calm, clear-headed, and under control.

Agreeing with others involved not to call the police

Police officers should be called to respond to just about any accident. Even a minor accident will get resolved more quickly and fairly with the help of impartial police officers.

Leaving the accident scene too quickly

Unfortunately, accidents almost always take up a lot of time. Drivers should never leave right after an accident because it could make them look guilty. 

Those involved in an automobile accident shouldn't leave the accident scene until law enforcement has arrived to write up a report, drivers have exchanged insurance information, and anyone who has been injured has received medical attention.

Ignoring injury symptoms right after the accident

Drivers who seek compensation from insurance companies for medical expenses after an automobile accident should know that failing to report and seek treatment for an injury immediately after an accident can look suspicious. 

Immediately after an accident, it's important for motorists to evaluate themselves and mention any signs of injury to the insurance company representative. 

Apologizing to others who are present right after the accident

Drivers who are excessively polite might absent-mindedly find themselves apologizing for an accident even if it clearly wasn't their fault.

Any type of apology made at an accident scene could appear like an admission of guilt from the perspective of police officers or others involved in the accident.

Drivers who become involved in an accident need to be careful what they're saying at the accident scene. Even a casual remark like "I just noticed that sign" can be used against you as proof that you made a driving error that caused the accident.

For more tips on what you should do after a car accident, talk to an attorney in your area.