How To Determine If You Should File For Social Security

If you have been toying around with the idea of applying for social security due to a permanent disability, but you are not yet sure if you would have a good shot at being approved, you will want to keep reading. While there are no guarantees regarding who is approved right away and who will have to fight through an appeal, if you find that you have the following situations, you might have a solid case to present to a lawyer to help you with the process:

Your Disability Will Last For Several Years Or For The Rest Of Your Life

Having to take a few months off of work is not enough to qualify for social security benefits. Your injury needs to have resulted in a disability that will be long-standing and that will impact your ability to earn a living in a significant way. Certain chronic and life-threatening diseases may also qualify you to receive social security benefits, as well as certain mental health diagnoses.

You Have Proper Documentation Of Your Disability

Those at the social security administration cannot simply take your word for it. They need to be able to see medical documents supporting your disability. Such documents can come from hospitals, for both inpatient and emergency room visits, your chiropractor, your primary care doctor, surgeons, and any specialists that you have seen. It may be a lot of documentation if you have been treated for your disability for a long time, as the social security administration wants all documents dating back to when you were first given your diagnosis that concluded that you are disabled.

You Are Not Able To Sustain Proper Employment

You may have never been able to hold down a full-time job or you may have just stopped working a year or two ago. Either way, the social security administration will have access to all of the jobs that you have had. If you are able to explain, in detail, why you are not able to return to that type of work due to mental or physical limitations, you may have a good chance of being approved for the benefits you need.

It is important to make sure that you are not going through this process alone. Retaining a social security lawyer is in your best interest. This way, you will have a professional to help you with the initial application, the interview process, and the appeal if it is necessary. 

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