Top Information You Should Share With Your Divorce Attorney

Just as every marriage is different, every divorce is different, too. Because of this, even though the divorce attorney you hire should be pretty knowledgeable and experienced, you need to provide them with more information. These are some of the main things that you will probably want to talk to your attorney about. Then, they will be equipped with the proper knowledge to handle your case, and they will know about all of the major factors that might impact your divorce throughout the proceedings.

Problems That Might Have Contributed to Your Divorce

Some people just drift apart and decide to get a divorce, but there are often additional factors at play. You will probably want to share the problems that might have contributed to your divorce, such as infidelity, drug use, or some other type of addiction. Your attorney might use this information when designating the cause of your divorce on your divorce papers. Depending on the situation, they might also take action to help you in other ways. For example, if you were a victim of domestic violence or some other form of abuse at the hands of your partner, then your attorney might help you with things like taking out a restraining order.

Your Marital Finances

Whether your marital finances are good, bad, or somewhere in between, you will probably need to discuss your financial situation with your attorney. If you and your spouse have a significant amount of money in the bank and a lot of property and assets, then your lawyer will need to know about everything so that they can help with the division of marital property. If you and your spouse have had financial problems, on the other hand, then your attorney can help guide you. Knowing about how much money you and your spouse each make will also be important when it comes to determining things like alimony payments or child support.

Your Future Plans

Of course, if you are meeting with a divorce lawyer, your first major plan might be to dissolve your marriage. However, you might want to talk to your attorney about other plans that you might have for your future. If you are hoping to continue living in your marital home after your spouse moves out or if you want full custody of your children if at all possible, your attorney will need to know about these things, too.