When Do You Use a Property Tax Attorney?

Are you doing a complex real estate transaction where you think legal help is necessary? As a property owner, you must pay property taxes for the greater public benefit, like maintaining the road to your home. But you shouldn't have to pay more than you are due to pay. You may be eligible for tax deductions or relief, which you may not know. A real estate tax attorney is useful when handling tax matters and protecting your property from diminishing because of high taxes. You can use a property tax attorney in several cases:

Property Tax Reassessment 

Many urban jurisdictions have laws to review, inspect and assess properties for tax after a few years. Sometimes the reassessment goes beyond what is fair. A property tax attorney can help you appeal such an unfair reassessment if your property has undergone significant development since the last reassessment. 

Interpretation of Vague Tax Laws

Tax law is constantly reviewed to meet the present standards and ways of collecting taxes. Reading through different tax levels is a difficult task if you don't have a tax background. Sometimes the people doing the tax law reviews make contradictory laws, making it hard to assess and pay your taxes. A property tax attorney is useful to get the right interpretation of such laws.

Vague Valuation Methods 

Overloaded tax assessors sometimes use a one-size-fits-all method. They assess properties in one area using the same valuation methods. But mass appraisal is not always effective and sometimes brings up an oppressive tax figure. 

Sometimes, the tax assessor will lump together commercial and residential properties, which is unfair to owners of residential properties. If you feel the appraiser used a vague or unknown method, engage a property tax lawyer to appeal.

Property Title Search 

The first step in doing real estate transactions is to ensure you are dealing with the rightful owner of the property.  A property title search shows the legal and recognized owner. It also shows any outstanding legal issues, including ownership disputes. 

A real estate tax attorney is useful in doing a property title search, especially when the property has been attached as collateral for a loan or carries tax arrears. The lawyer gets proof that the lien is satisfied before proceeding with doing the title transfer. It helps avoid a situation where you unknowingly assume debt obligations. Doing proper due diligence against outstanding liens and tax issues protects your property from confiscation. 

Do you have problems calculating your property tax? Contact a property tax attorney to stay on the right side of the law.