The Top 3 Benefits Of Using 24-Hour Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are just one of the ways in which you can secure a loved one's release from jail after they've been arrested. However, while you may be able to accomplish this goal using other options, such as posting a cash bail through the jail where they are being held, the use of 24-hour bail bonds will often prove to be the most beneficial option. Continue reading to learn more about three of the many benefits that 24-hour bail bonds have to offer. 

Benefit #1: Does Not Require You To Have The Full Amount Of The Bail

Cash bail amounts can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to literally millions of dollars depending upon the crime that the defendant is being accused of and how much of a flight risk the defendant poses. If you choose to post bail in cash rather than with a bond, you will need to cover the full amount of the bail. This is not the case when using a bail bond. This is because bail bondsmen typically require you to simply pay a small fee upfront that is equal to a percentage of the bond value. The bond is then issued based upon a payment agreement that you must sign stating that you will pay the full amount if the defendant does not make their court appearances. 

Benefit #2: Your Loved One Will Not Need To Spend Any Unnecessary Time In Jail

Some jails will only offer cash bail services during regular business hours since there must be a dedicated worker on duty who is authorized to accept the cash payments. This means that an individual could easily find themselves spending extra time in jail while waiting for the bail office to open the next business day. This can be especially problematic if your loved one happens to be arrested over a long weekend. Thankfully, the services of a bail bondsman can be used to secure their release even when cash bail payments are not being accepted. This will ensure that your loved one does not spend any more time in jail than is absolutely necessary.

Benefit #3: Bail Bonds Can Be Posted Remotely

If your loved one happens to live in a different city or state than you, going down to the jail to post bail may be out of the question. Thankfully, it is often possible to post a bail bond from anywhere in the country. In some cases, this is accomplished by completing the necessary paperwork via email or fax. In other cases, you may be asked to go down to a bail bonds office in your area to complete the paperwork. This paperwork will then be sent to the bondsman in your loved one's location so that they can issue the bond and deliver it to the jail. 

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