Why You Might Call A Bondsman Even If You Can Afford Bail

People often assume they should only contact a bail bondsman if they can afford to post the money assets for a person's release. However, there are several arguments for why you might seek a 24/7 bail bonds service even if you have the resources to cover the surety.

Spreading the Cost 

Just because you have the money doesn't mean you necessarily want to take the hit. Whenever you work with a 24-hour bail bond firm, you're entering into a loan agreement. They post the money in full now, and you agree to make regular payments to cover the bail amount along with fees and interest. Courts often order high bail. Spreading that money out can make a major difference in your financial comfort.


The point of America's bail system is to mitigate the risk that an individual charged with a crime might not return for court hearings. If you're posting bail for someone else, there's a risk that person could skip out.

You probably don't have the resources needed to track them down and make them appear in court. Also, you're not a licensed bondsman who can legally cross state lines if necessary to track someone down and bring them back. However, a 24/7 bail bonding service company is licensed and has the legal right to compel someone's return for their court hearing to ensure they get the bail money back. If you have doubts about how well a friend or relative might observe the terms of their release, using a bail bondsman offers some assurance.

Proximity to the Court or Jail

Most folks don't live particularly close to the courts or jails where officers accept bond payments. On the other hand, a 24/7 bail bonds service operation is going to be close to those buildings. They can get into court or to the jail early to ensure someone will be there to post bail as soon as possible.

Availability at Weird Times

Getting someone to show up with thousands of dollars at weird hours is not an easy thing, even if they're receptive to posting bail. A 24/7 bail bonding service, though, advertises its availability at odd times. Many companies even are available on holidays, a service that can be especially useful to travelers and tourists.

Personal Distance

Not everyone who's posting bail for someone else is going to be thrilled about it. Letting a bail bondsman handle the situation inserts some personal distance. A professional will unemotionally tell the arrested person how it is so they can make court dates and guarantee the return of the company's bond.

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