The Impact Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer On Sentencing

Most people know that a criminal defense lawyer can be a valuable person to have on their side during a court trial. They may not realize the impact a criminal defense lawyer can have during the sentencing phase.

Did you know that a lawyer could help you avoid a lengthy sentence? Here's why it's a good idea to make sure your lawyer sticks around for sentencing.

Lawyers Can Mitigate a Sentence

Sharing evidence and arguments doesn't always end with the trial. In many cases, your criminal defense lawyer may be able to offer mitigating evidence for the judge's consideration during sentencing.

For instance, your lawyer might argue that you need a shortened sentence due to special circumstances such as mental illness or lack of access to resources.

They could also present evidence that proves you have taken proactive steps to better your life since the incident, like attending counseling or job training programs.

Lawyers Can Advocate for Alternative Sentences

Depending on the type of crime and other factors, a judge may be willing to offer an alternative sentence instead of jail time. For instance, if you are found guilty of a nonviolent offense, your lawyer could argue for probation or community service instead.

In some cases, the judge might even be willing to provide a creative solution, such as repaying the victim through restitution or participating in a therapeutic program.

Lawyers Can Challenge Sentencing Recommendations

During the sentencing phase, the prosecution may recommend a particular sentence. This sentence could seem overly harsh and out of line with recommended sentencing guidelines.

Having your criminal defense lawyer present can help to challenge the prosecution's recommendation so that you will not be subjected to an unfair sentence. Your lawyer will present a recommendation of their own, and the judge will determine which is most fair.

Lawyers Can Appeal an Unfair Sentence

Even if the judge does choose to impose a harsh sentence, your lawyer can still help you by filing an appeal. Your lawyer will review the trial proceedings to determine if any errors were made.

If a mistake occurred, your lawyer can argue for a reduced sentence or even dismissal of the charges.

Consult a Criminal Defense Lawyer ASAP

Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side during sentencing can make a huge difference in the outcome. They can help you achieve a more favorable sentence and protect your rights. Reach out to a law service like the Law Offices of Jonathan Steele to find out more.